The Bohne Foundation is dedicated to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, comforting the destitute, encouraging the hopeless, while aiding the neediest members of our global community. 


The Bohne Foundation is based out of Chicago. Our city has seen over 5,000 Americans killed by gun violence since 2001, making Chicago more dangerous than Baghdad. We are joining basketball superstars, city officials, ministers and youth workers to DO SOMETHING about this by sponsoring the Spring Peacemaker’s Basketball League.

Thursday, August 6th, Father Pfleger assisted in shooting a video to try and combat the violence by bringing rival gang members off the streest and onto the basketball court. There were more than 2,500 shooting victims in Chicago last year. The Bohne Foundation makes yearly contributions to fight crime along side of Father Pleger. Click here to see video.

Wednesday, May 14th, the Bohne Foundation continues its sponsorship of the Anti-Violence Summer Basketball Peace League.

In a 6-month period in 2012, there were 244 gang related killings in Chicago. One year later, the Peace League is bigger and stronger than ever.

Since the Peace Games in October of 2013…160 men have gotten into a GED program…138 men have gotten jobs…Homicide violence has dropped 85% in the Englewood/Gresham neighborhood where the Peace Games were held.


Iva Boncheva with the Bohne Foundation and Father Pfleger with St. Sabina Church.

Read some of the success stories…

Peace League Employment Success Stories

Charles Allen
Charles started working with the St. Sabina’s Employment Resource Center (ERC) in October of 2012. He had just been released from jail, and was on house arrest. He was able to leave the house during specific hours; one of which was to find employment. Charles attended our job readiness workshops and was assigned to an employment counselor. Charles was immediately placed in an internship position at St. Sabina Elders Village doing maintenance work, for 5 weeks. Charles was then set up with an interview at A&D Property Services where he was hired to do labor work. Since this position did not provide full time work, Charles continued to seek additional employment opportunities. He was able to secure an interview with Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and get hired. Today Charles works both jobs and has been receiving great reviews regarding his performance.
Charles brought his girlfriend to the ERC in the late spring of 2013 to find employment. She immediately was granted an interview with Red-Dy-2-Work, Inc. and was offered a part time position. She is still working with this company and the employer is very happy with her performance.
Jeremy Hargrove
Jeremy started working with the ERC in May 2013. Jeremy was enrolled in our Youth Work Experience Program, a long-term internship program designed to allow employers to assess the skills of young people as they work an internship with the option of hiring them at the end of the program, and was sent to our job readiness workshops and assigned to an Employment counselor. Jeremy was placed in an internship with The Beloved Community. He worked there from May until August 2013. After he successfully completed the internship, Jeremy was set up to have an interview with NIKE. In January of 2014, Jeremy was hired by NIKE and is now a permanent employee with that company.
Keanu Briggs
Keanu came to the ERC in October of 2013, looking for help with employment. He was enrolled in our PeaceMaker Youth Employment Program and was assigned to work as an intern at Walgreens on 95th and King Drive. At the end of the internship, in December 2013, Keanu was offered a permanent position with Walgreens.
Michael Davis
In May 2013, Michael was referred by St. Sabina’s PeaceMakers to come to the ERC to get assistance with getting a job. He was then enrolled in the Youth Work Experience Program. Michael was placed at Mellow Yellow, a restaurant in the Hyde Park neighborhood. He was offered a permanent position at the end of the internship. Michael still was not getting paid enough money from Mellow Yellow to cover all of his household bills, so he asked if he could enroll in any other ERC programs to get another job. He then was enrolled in our PeaceMaker Internship Program and was assigned to an internship with Walgreens. While this did provide him with enough money, when the internship ended he knew that he had to find a full time permanent position. After some searching, Michael secured a full time position at Villa Shoes that allows him to cover all of his household expenses.
Bryan Pickett
Bryan came to the ERC looking assistance in employment the later part of 2012, immediately after the first Peace Tournament hosed by St. Sabina Church. He was enrolled in our Youth Work Experience Program and began working at St. Sabina Church in December 2012, with the maintenance staff providing janitorial support on the church’s campus. As a high school student, Bryan was not able to work on many days and was allowed to work on weekends to fulfill his hours during the school year. He continued to work as an intern at St. Sabina Church over the summer of 2013. In November 2013, Bryan was enrolled in the PeaceMaker Program and assigned to Walgreens on 35th and King Drive in the Bronzeville neighborhood. This Walgreens was interested in hiring a young person and agreed to try Bryan out as an intern for a couple of months. He was hired into a permanent position with Walgreens at the end of his internship. Bryan started a new full time position at UPS last week and is very excited about the opportunities available at this job.
Duan Hill
Duan came to the ERC looking for assistance in employment the later part of 2012, immediately after the first Peace Tournament hosted by St Sabina Church. He was enrolled in our Youth Work Experience Program where he successfully completed a series of job readiness workshops and began working at Little Black Pearl youth center December 2012 to June 2013, working 18 hours a week. Duan worked as a youth counselor with younger kids helping them with different activities. He continued to work as an intern at Little Black Pearl until he moved away in June of 2013. Since Duan’s move to the western suburbs of Chicago he has become a full time permanent employee of Walmart in Westmont.
Phillip McGee
Phillip came to the ERC looking for assistance in employment the later part of 2012, He was hired by our Summer Youth Employment Program program and began working as a mentor for the program from June 26, 2013 to Aug 9, 2013, where he worked 20 hours per week mentoring 20 youths . As a Mentor Phillip was able to build relationships with the youth he mentored while making sure they was turning in their time sheets on time and checking in with the interns employer to see how the interns was doing at work. Phillip had already earned a CDL license so while working as a mentor he was also working with St. Sabina Employment Resource Center to secure permanent employment in the transportation industry. Phillip was able to get interviews with a couple of transportation companies one was Diamond Trucking. Phillip’s hard work and dedication paid off with him now working for the Mega Bus Company as a driver.
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Rev. Dr. Michael Pfleger (President, Faith Community of St. Sabina) and


This is the league schedule for the Peacemaker’s Basketball League. This anti-gun violence initiative is literally saving lives by creating an atmosphere where the young people come together and interact positively, instead of engaging in deadly violence.
Peacemakers League

Peacemakers game

And the games begin…The League is comprised of 8 teams of ten young men ages 16-24 years old. Each team is coached by a professional high school coach with the Chicago Public Schools. In order to participate in games, players have to attend a 60 minute life skills workshop. That begins the transformation!

The best news is that while the league is on, the shooting and killing between rival groups stops because of the cease fire agreement made prior to the start. In addition, the initiative makes GED classes and internships available for those looking to change the direction of their lives. It is working…

Peacemakers game


The Bohne Foundation joins basketball superstars like Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, Quentin Richardson, Bobby Simmons, Janero Pargo, and Antoine Walker, as we all DO SOMETHING to curb gun violence in Chicago at this year’s Peacemaker’s League.


The Bohne Foundation is dedicated to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, comforting the destitute, encouraging the hopeless, while aiding the neediest members of our global community.

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